Interview and Transcript Workflow using Builder

  1. Create Account and Ingest Media to FCP X
    1. Sign Up for an account
    2. Manager Logger and Post Production Users
  2. (Optional) Keyword the Interview during the shoot
    1. Create an Event
    2. Add Keywords > Add, Modify or Delete Keywords for Locations, People, Activities and Other Keywords
    3. Log on location with iOS Logger
  3. Ingest Media to FCP X and create Synchronized or Multicam Clips
  4. Export XML to Builder
  5. Order Transcripts > Order Transcripts in Builder (or bring your own transcripts correctly formatted).
  6. Add Keywords to Text Ranges in Builder > Set Rating, Keywords and Paper Color & Manage Keywords
  7. Builder your Stories in Builder > Build Stories. Filter Selects in Story Mode & Add Spacer or Temporary Narration/Voice Over
  8. Export Story to FCP X, Script, or video > Export Story, Script, Preview Video and Narration.

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