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We're only calculating how much you'll save from NOT having to do a tedious conform from Text Document to Video Edit. Builder saves money in many other ways, as you'll find our during our FREE one month trail. Calculate for yourself how much you'll save.


So for each "missing" conform calculate

#1  -  How many edits in the Story - we estimated about 160 in a 20 minute Story

#2  -  How long does it take to find the Clip, select the matching time ranges, and edit it a timeline? We estimated three minutes per Clip, assuming all goes well.

#3  -   How much does the person logging shot footage cost per hour?

(If you are the production company, be sure to add in all employment costs and if you’re not sure, plug in 35% of the gross salary)

#4 - How much does the edit room and equipment being used cost per hour if you are logging “on site?”




Multiply #1 and #2 to estimate how long each Conform takes.

Add #3 and #4 to get an hourly number. Then multiply that number by the number of hours to do the Conform.

That's the real cost of each and every conform from Text to Video.

Surprised?  Yep, it’s more expensive than you think!

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